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Oxytocin is involved in many community-oriented programs and projects aimed at educating and providing prevention services to adolescents and adults. The goal is to reach a variety of ages and groups to prevent the escalation of the far reaching consequences alcohol, mental health and other drug abuse have on our community and quality of life.

By request, Oxytocin conducts in-service sessions and workshops for many groups including schools, businesses and other social service providers throughout Flathead County.

To request a staff member of Oxytocin be at your event or provide presentations to your business or organization, call (406) 314-6565.

Oxytocin is licensed by the State of Montana as an approved behavioral health center.

Counselor licensure is obtained through the State of Montana as Licensed Addiction Counselors, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Peer Supports.

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