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The single cause of alcoholism and other drug addiction is unknown but we do know of contributing factors. Years of study and combing through vast amounts of research have yet to uncover why some people become addicted to substances while the majority do not. There is reliable research to support the idea that some substance abusing people were born with or into this affliction while others drift into it over a period time.

It could be hereditary, or cultural, or environmental or it may even possibly be bio-chemical. There is evidence to support any and all of these possibilities, however, there is nothing conclusive enough to establish a single cause. There is even more evidence that points to all of these working in combination. 

Even though the cause is unclear, we can for sure establish there have been several false stereotypes placed into society. 

  1. We know that it is not a moral weakness, a character defect, a lack of willpower or any of the usual explanations.

  2. We also know that addiction can affect anyone at anytime throughout our society in every role from corporate executive, to clergyman, to doctor, to electrician, to truck driver and laborers.

  3. Addiction is the only thing that does not discriminate. It crosses all social-economic lines, has no relationship to intelligence, education, race or religion. Addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer.


If someone were struggling with cancer there would be an outpouring of support. People would empathize with that person and reach out trying to help in anyway possible. People would try to ease the distress and pain associated with that struggle. What if we treated the person struggling with addiction in that same manner? More people would seek help and it would remove the stigma associated with struggling with addiction. 

At Oxytocin, we understand that addiction is complex – as complex as the people and families it affects. Physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions all play a role in substance abuse disorders. That’s why Oxytocin doesn't just treat drug and alcohol problems, but every related issue that clients and their families face.

Drug and alcohol problems are rarely isolated. They go hand-in-hand with co-occurring disorders, like depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, and eating disorders, to name just a few. At Oxytocin, we address these issues together with substance abuse, because treatment of co-occurring disorders is vital to clients’ success in treatment and long-term recovery.

We blend the latest evidence-based practices from psychology with historically proven addiction treatment methods like, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, 12-Step integration, motivational interviewing, addiction counseling, and positive peer culture. Our approach also includes the entire person. Every client has an integrated, multidisciplinary team of highly trained and credentialed staff members who are full-time and onsite. The team creates personalized treatment plans that are based on each client’s individual needs.

We place the importance on the person and offer barrier free treatment. It does not matter how you came through the door, you came through the door. 


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