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People wonder what peer support services are. Quite simply it is a team dedicated to your recovery. Some of the responsibilities carried out are:


  • Helping the individual make informed choices about opportunities and services

  • Assuring timely access to needed assistance and services

  • Providing opportunities and encouragement for self-help activities

  • Assisting the individual in development of realistic, attainable life goals

  • Locating, coordinating and monitoring all services to meet these goals


Case Managers consider the individual’s environment in the development of life goals and services. It is a supportive community-based service which seeks to maximize an individual’s and his/her family’s abilities and to enable growth in some or all aspects of the person’s life. 

Priority is placed on providing personal support and guidance in helping the individual and their significant people acquire comprehensive, integrated resources in their natural community environment.

Case Management Services Include:

  • Advocacy

  • Resource Identification

  • Planning Services

  • Coordination

  • Networking

  • Empowering Individuals and their significant people

  • Crisis Assistance and Intervention

  • Monitoring Service Needs

  • Arranging Services Identified by Needs

Our Principles of Case Management:

  • Empowerment – You have the power to take charge of your life. We will help you take charge through informed decision making, self-advocacy, skill development and participation in the planning and delivery of services.

  • Low Barrier – Individuals should be served in the least restrictive and most appropriate environment possible.

  • Rehabilitation – Individuals should have available assistance in learning those physical, intellectual and/or emotional skills needed to participate in working, living, educational and recreational activities.

  • Continuity of Care – There is a community support system in Flathead Valley which supports people. We aim to structure, coordinate and maintain continual contact between service providers, the individual and their families.

  • System Focus – Services provided to the individual should be focused on the entire person. This means the people, places and things that make that person.

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