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The education at Oxytocin is centered around several key themes that are researched and evidence based. These themes do not change from the time a person decides to engage in high risk behaviors and when they find themselves out of control in their substance abuse. 

The first thing we have to know is it starts with biology. Our biology sets our trigger point (the point we are addicted) and our biology cannot be changed.


The choices we make interact with our biology. Choices can be low risk or high risk and they can be changed.


Psychological factors in our lives influences our choices. Psychological factors include things such as attitudes and preferences and even personality traits. (I see what you did there. We are not talking about the "addictive personality". That is not a thing.) 

Social factors also influences our choices. Social factor are things such as our friends and family and even include advertising and our social groups. 

The simple equation Biology + Choices = Outcome

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